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We Now Service 5 States
Including: New York City, Manhattan, Long Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Boston

Manhattan 718-224-7777
Nassau 516-501-9800
Suffolk County 631-326-6299
Queens County 347-332-6913
New Hampshire 617-314-6182
Massachusetts 617-314-6182
Rhode Island 401-262-5327
Connecticut 860-656-9250
Boston 617-314-6182
Toll FREE 888-323-4725

Samsung TV repair

Today's new sophisticated electronics require both state of the art test equipment and the know how to service them . You'll find them both at Williston TV repair. All television repair work is done by factory qualified service technicians. Need a service call? we have a full service fleet servicing 5 States.

Yes we still make house calls and with the shape and size of the giant screen TV's of today it's no wonder we do. Before calling to schedule a service call you might want to read some tips we came up with to help you prior calling us.

Our highly skilled service technicians are able to repair any high end audio and video equipment, as well as most of medical electronic devices. We specialize in all types of amplifiers, Projection and Plasma TVs as well as many other types of rare and often considered to be not repairable equipment.

We must be doing something right. It's our 57th anniversary this year! So when you need electronic and television repairs in a timely fashion make Williston TV repair your only choice.

most tv repairs have a 5 day turnaround
Authorized Samsung, Mitsubishi, Toshiba TV repair.

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