Probably the question we are asked most: "Is it repairable or should I replace it"?

As a general rule, repairing is cheaper than replacement so what's the problem?
Simple math will tell you that the purchase cost a product divided by the years of expected life will give you the cost of any product in terms of cost per year.

Take for example a 42" TV that was $1900.00 new. With a serviceable life expectancy of around 10 years, that's about $190 per year. If the set breaks at 3 years of age, the normal life value is about $1300 (although the actual resale value is probably less). A repair cost up to about $650 (50% of current value) would seem reasonable.

But, as products get older, several factors begin to affect that "normal life value". The item is more likely to give you trouble as it gets older (not unlike a car), features are superseded by newer sets, costs of replacement may be less and the quality of operation might deteriorate (like a normally ageing picture tube). All of these factors can be assessed by us and advice given.

The "repair down time" also has a role in determining viability. This factor is not completely within our control. All we can do is lessen the effect by fast, courteous and attentive service backed with 60 years experience.

Something else to consider is that replacement with new product can come with problems too. Getting to a store, wading through the mass of products, weighing costs over features, wondering if your selection is going to end up being a "lemon", avoiding the rude salesman while at the same time trying to find one who knows what their talking about, carrying your purchase home having to install it on the wall or in an entertainment center and finally setting it up and getting used to an entirely new way of operating the equipment means hassle and stress.

So equipment failure is no fun, either way.
That's why we strive to make your repair experience as convenient and hassle free as possible.

New doesn't always mean better!
The cost of replacing a broken piece of equipment is getting cheaper and cheaper every day. It seems as there is no end to how low prices will go.

What most don't realize when they buy a "cheap" piece of equipment is that they are cheap for a reason.
First, they are made cheaper. The cost of equipment is a direct correlation to the cost of manufacturing. Sometimes this is not such a bad thing. As product gets refined, the manufactures find cheaper ways of addressing certain issues while at the same time simplifying the construction, and sometimes, actually makes a better product as well.

But this is the exception, not the rule.
In general most equipment continues to decline in quality as manufactures have discovered that they don't "have to" make a product as well because we'll just go out and buy another one when it breaks. This makes them very happy and puts high cost service companies in a difficult position.

What was once considered cheap and poorly made is now becoming the best available. It's hard to explain to a customer that what they have already may well be better than a 'new one'. The truth is that as product continues to get cheaper and quality gets worse, repairing what you've got may be your best performance option.

Don't forget every set that you replace with a new one means the old set goes to a land file somewhere and the new set you purchased more than likely is manufactured somewhere other than the USA and your American dollars are send overseas taking money out of the US economy. You don't think that has an impact on our way of life.

To sum up, you need to understand all of the above factors and be willing to make a decision

I hope this page will assist you.
If a repair is your considered choice, were pleased to help. Even if your final decision after the estimate is "no, I'll buy a new one" it's our pleasure to have served you and hope that we get another chance if and when something else breaks down the road. Here is a list of companies we recommend we found them to be reputable and honest to deal with.

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